Woodworking Machinery Exhibition
Release time:2015-08-27 16:14
Guangzhou International Woodworking Machinery and Fittings Exhibition,2016

Guangzhou International Woodworking Machinery and Fittings Exhibition,2016
Time: Sep.28-30, 2016
Venue:Nan  fung  International  Convention  Exhibition  Center  Pazhou  Guangzhou  China

Organized by: Guangdong Province Timber Industry Association
Supported by: China Timber and wood products Circulation Association
              Beijing Furniture Association   Tianjin Furniture Association
              Hebei Province Furniture Association    Zhejiang Province Furniture Association
              Shandong Province Furniture Association   Hubei Province Furniture Association
              Sichuan Province Furniture industry Association Guangxi Province Furniture industry Association
              Fujian Furniture Association       Taiwan Furniture Industry Association
              Hongkong Furniture & Decoration Association 
Undertaker by: Guangzhou ruizhan Exhibition Co., Ltd

Welcome to join in large-scale professional event for the machinery industry!
The 15th Guangzhou International Woodworking Machinery and Fittings Exhibition offers a professional international exchange and display for China woodworking machinery brand manufacturer by taking“ high, advance and new”as curatorial subject and based on serving relevant companies, enterprises and brands in furniture, cabinet closet, wood processing , architecture, decoration, wood floors, wood toys , gift boys, speaker equipment and manufacturing industries. It also promotes the exchange and integration with international woodworking machinery industry.

Welcome to take the brand shaping express taking international trade as exchange core!
The 15th Guangzhou International Woodworking Machinery and Fittings Exhibition focuses on brand display, forum lecture, industry links and cooperation negotiations and becomes a platform to offer excellent woodworking enterprise with professional brand display and commercial cooperation platform. It is also the most effective commercial platform for you to establish your brand image and develop marketing channel!

Exhibition Content
Woodworking Machinery Equipment: planning machinery, dry dust removal machines, drilling machines, wood carving machine, woodworking engraving, edge machines, sanding machines, boarding machines, painting installed machinery, sheet production line, auxiliary, second hand woodworking machinery, forest and tumble harvesting machinery, and others woodworking machinery;
Special woodworking equipment: wood drying equipment, timber milling machinery, wood fire corrosion modified equipment, packaging machinery, marking machinery, hot melt machine, wooden product test and inspection equipment, etc;
Woodworking machinery and counterpart: woodworking reamer tools, pneumatic tools, power tools, woodworking saw, woodworking drills, woodworking tools, horniness metal circular saw blades, electrical instruments, power equipment, abrasives tools.