• This machine adopts Longmen frame design,welding process with high quality steel.
  • Force points are calculated strictly, no deformation and high stability.
  • Hydraulic system is fast closing of pump station, advanced structure, low failure rate.
  • Large flow,rapid pressure, improve production efficiency.
  • Steam lines are double in and double out.
  • The time of temperature can be controlled automatically to ensure that the temperature of the hot plates is uniform.
  • This machine is widely used in the Decorative veneer of plywood, fine wood board, melamine board and so on.


Parameter Value
Nominal Gross Pressure 6000 KN
Direction of Feeding Plate Horizontal
Layer Counts 15
Distance between Hot Plates 70 mm
Numbers of Hot Plates 16
Dimension of Hot Plates 2700 * 1370 * 52 mm
Numbers of Cylinder 2
Stroke of Cylinder 1050 mm
Diameter of Cylinder Φ400 mm
Pressurization <= 25 Mpa
Empty Closing Time 25 S
Low Pressure Pump Flowing 355 L/min * 2
Allowed Pressure <= 2
Power 11 kw * 2
High Pressure Pump Flowing About 14 L/min
Power 5.5 kw
Pressure of Unit Plate Blank 12.3 Kgf/㎝2
Dimensions of the Board 2560 * 1280 mm
Overall Dimensions 3600 * 1370 * 4420 mm
Machine Weight About 48000 kg
Control Method Automatic Pump Station
Thickness of Upper and Lower Crossbeams 1000, 900 mm
Thickness of Steel Plate 50, 10 mm
Steel Plate of Upright Column 50, 10 mm
Thickness of Active Crossbeam 400 mm
Thickness of Steel Plate 40, 20 mm