• Servo control system,absolute coordinates and absolute encoder. Don’t use any sensor、proximity switch. It can put an end to the phenomenon of broken plate because of the failure of sensor and proximity switch.
  • Use the servo motor to tow, two axis linkage, fast speed, high output. The program is arbitrary, t Two people can operate at the same time, and this can reduce labor costs effectively.
  • The Machining dimension is adjustable (length 2360-2600, width 1220-1300), and this can solve the problem of different size of the Machining dimension.
  • Stable operation, high accuracy; imported bearings, long service life.
  • 8 saw shaft and 12 saw blade running, rotational speed can be 8200 rpm. This machine has the function of sawing the offal of material, and it can solve the phenomenon of burr, core pulling fully.
  • Infrared positioning, automatic drain board, four cylinder positioning, no angle phenomenon.
  • Automatic lifting table, automatic stacking. Install limit device on the lift table row plate which can solve the problem of packing completely.
  • This machine has the effect of upper and lower dust removal, and this is environmental protection and clean.


Parameter Value
Machining Length 2360 - 2600 mm (Adjustable)
Machining Width 1220 - 1300 mm
Machining Diameter 10 - 60 mm
Saw Blade Diameter φ305
Feeding Speed of Vertical Sawing 30 - 60 m/min
Feeding Speed of Cross Sawing 30 - 60 m/min
Line Speed of Saw Blade 90 - 120 m/min
Total Power 37 kw